4-12 jul 2017 Heraklion, Crete - Greece

LC3 2017

JC3 Programme

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08:00 PM
Welcome Reception, Poster Session (Beach Bar)

#34 Digital tools for the construction site. A case study: ACCEPT project.

Julia Ratajczak, Carmen Marcher, Michael Riedl, Dominik T. Matt, Nicolas Mayer, Javier Sánchez, George Georgiou, Anabelle Rahhal, Jason Page, Jesús Miguel Perez Alonso, Vadim Chepegin and Manon Brancart

#147 A step-by-step procedure for implementing mixed reality visualization interfaces in design and constructability review sessions.

Suleiman Alsafouri and Steven K. Ayer

#273 A framework for cloud-based virtual and augmented reality using real-time information for construction progress monitoring

Ranjith K. Soman and Jennifer K Whyte

#229 Safety risk assessment in construction projects using information models.

Vasiliki Manioti, Athanasios Chassiakos and Stylianos Karatzas

#109 Detecting pavement patches utilizing smartphones technology and vehicles.

Charalambos Kyriakou and Symeon E. Christodoulou

#116 GIS supporting surveys for urban sustainability assessment.

Nicola Moretti, Sebastiano Maltese, Mario Claudio Dejaco and Fulvio Re Cecconi

#145 Discussion about the use of Bayesian networks models for making predictive maintenance decisions.

Rafaela Bortolini and Núria Forcada

#170 Progress monitoring of masonry work via resource tracking using sensor-based technologies.

Gursans Guven and Esin Ergen

#195 Evaluation of small UAS acquisition costs for construction applications.

Ricardo Eiris Pereira and Masoud Gheisari

#227 Relevant properties and relationships for construction defect data mining on building information models.

Joyce Delatorre and Eduardo T. Santos

#16 Planning of maintenance cost for business-storage facility using BIM.

Zoran Pučko, Dražen Vincek, Andrej Štrukelj and Nataša Šuman

#48 Employing BIM tools to streamline fabrication.

Samuel Goodwin and Steven Ayer

#142 Cloud-Based project management: Selecting IT solutions for construction companies.

Gage Christianson, Evan Wilson, Matthew Henke, Omar Ahlnaity and Jeong Woo

#155 USA practitioners’ perception of BIM maturity.

Dylan John, Yunfeng Chen, Robert Cox and Qian Huang

#194 Collaborative engineering with IFC and BCF: Managing openings and recesses.

Léon van Berlo, Mathijs Natrop and Gerwin Korpershoek

#287 Operation-level 4D modeling and visualization for modular building based on standard activity library.

Hengwei Wang, Jiarui Lin and Jianping Zhang

#327 Why some BIM tool users do not think of themselves as BIM users - A preliminary study.

Yongshin An and Ghang Lee

#67 Energy efficient improvements to the envelope of low-income housing: a case study of habitat for humanity homes.

Avani Goyal, Ahmet Kilinc, Minkyung Kang and Burcu Akinci

#220 Big data applications in built environment: Towards a use foundation model.

Mohamad Kassem and Jennifer Li

#269 GIS based approach for district energy retrofit optioneering.

Lavinia Tagliabue, Alice Pasquinelli, Enrico De Angelis, Angelo Ciribini, and Franco Guzzetti

#256 Taiwan high-speed trains emergency dispatching using ontology-based, multi-agent model.

Chuen-Chyi Hsieh, Te-Che Chen, Ting-Wu Ho and Chien-Cheng Chou
09:30 AM
Plenary Session 1

#81 Factors affecting bid let dates on transportation mega projects.

Edward Jaselskis, William Rasdorf, Min Liu, Abdullah Alsharef, Frank Bowen, Majed Al-Ghandour and Larry Goode
10:45 AM
1 | Highlight Papers

#30 Assessing construction workers vigilance level through wearable electroencephalography system.

Jiayu Chen, Fei Dai and Zejun Chen

#139 Scan-to-BIM for small building components.

Blanca Quintana, Samuel A. Prieto, Antonio Adan and Frédéric Bosché
12:00 PM
4 | PPM - Semantics / FM

#80 Modularized validation of a building information model according to the specifications of the facility management handover and COBie.

Yongcheol Lee, Eunhwa Yang, Charles Eastman and Kathy Roper

#149 Requirements for ontology development in the AECO industry.

Aaron Costin and Charles Eastman

#153 Proposing a central AEC ontology that allows for domain specific extensions.

Mads Holten Rasmussen, Pieter Pauwels, Christian Anker Hviid and Jan Karlshøj
02:00 PM
7 | DA - Simulation

#11 Implementing a data-driven simulation method for quantifying pipe welding operator quality performance.

Wenying Ji and Simaan Abourizk

#72 Implementation of hybrid simulation modelling framework in construction

Ashkan M. Naraghi, Vicente A. Gonzalez, Michael O’sullivan, Cameron G. Walker, Mani Poshdar and M. Adel Abdelmegid

#112 Using ABM to evaluate the impact of social networks on construction labor productivity.

Daoud Kiomjian, F. Jordan Srour and Issam Srour
03:15 PM
10 | DA

#226 Automated optimization of steel reinforcement in RC building frames using BIM and hybrid GA.

Jack C.P. Cheng and Mohit Mangal

#7 Estimating constructability review benefits for highway projects.

Nikiforos Stamatiadis, Roy Sturgill, Kiriakos Amiridis and Timothy Taylor

#257 Post-earthquake damage assessment of buildings: an overall overview.

Hamidreza Rashidi, Javad Majrouhi Sardroud and Ioannis Brilakis
04:30 PM
31 | VR - Safety

#70 Serious games vs. traditional tools in construction safety training: a review.

Yifan Gao, Vicente A. González and Tak Wing Yiu

#58 The need for enhancing earthquake evacuee safety by using virtual reality serious games.

Ruggiero Lovreglio, Vicente Gonzalez, Robert Amor, Michael Spearpoint, Jared Thomas, Margaret Trotter and Rafael Sacks

#281 Safery training for scaffolding and formwork construction by using virtual environment.

Isık Ates Kiral and Semra Comu
10:45 AM
2 | PPM - Data Exchange

#12 Evaluating LegalDocML and LegalRuleML as a standard for sharing normative information in the AEC/FM domain.

Johannes Dimyadi, Guido Governatori and Robert Amor

#299 Current state of data exchange between architectural and structural analysis models - A critical review.

Goran Sibenik and Iva Kovacic

#254 Developing an Open Access BIM objects library: A Hong Kong study.

Weisheng Lu, Ke Chen, Jing Wang and Fan Xue
12:00 PM
5 | DA - Inspection

#21 Automated construction progress monitoring using continuous multipoint indoor and outdoor 3D scanning

Zoran Pučko and Danijel Rebolj

#150 Planning UAV-assisted visual inspections of construction sites.

Henk Freimuth, Jan Müller and Markus König

#191 Pavement anomalies detection and classification using entropic texture segmentation and support vector machines.

Georgios Hadjidemetriou and Symeon E. Christodoulou
02:00 PM
8 | PPM - Learning

#51 Prevalent issues in BIM-based construction projects.

Rahimi A. Rahman and Steven K. Ayer

#253 Baby steps with BIM – Learning to walk the talk.

Kathryn Davies, Suzanne Wilkinson and Dermott Mcmeel

#79 BIM Innovation Capability Programme of Ireland.

Alan Hore, Barry McAuley and Roger West
03:15 PM
11 | VR - Design

#6 Application of immersive virtual reality systems in an interdisciplinary design studio course.

Fadi Castronovo, Danielle Oprean, Yifan Liu and John Messner

#184 Cognition enhancement using virtual reality in apartment customization.

Amit Dayan and Rafael Sacks

#266 Integrating virtual reality and BIM for end-user involvement in design: A case study.

Ekaterina Petrova, Mai Brink Rasmussen, Rasmus Lund Jensen and Kjeld Svidt
04:30 PM
17 | EMM - Design

#158 Evolutionary optimization of building envelope design with photovoltaics-integrated shading devices.

Ipek Gürsel Dino

#235 The influence of space layout design on occupant’s energy behaviour.

Elham Delzendeh and Song Wu

#343 Decision support tool for energy efficient building retrofit actions.

Farid Fouchal, Vanda Dimitriou, Tarek M Hassan, Steven Firth, Argyris Oraiopoulos, Jonathan Masior and Sven Schimpf
10:45 AM
3 | VR - Collaboration

#122 Using 360-degree interactive panoramas to develop virtual representation of construction sites.

Ricardo Eiris Pereira, Hashem Izadi Moud and Masoud Gheisari

#211 Teaching technological leadership in globally distributed teams working with building information models.

Carrie Sturts Dossick, Anne Anderson, Nishant Bordia and Laura Osburn

#230 Examining the effect of boundary spanning technologies in virtual project teams.

Semra Comu, John E. Taylor, Carrie Sturts Dossick, Josh Iorio, Anne Anderson and Tripp Shealy
12:00 PM
6 | DA - Safety

#29 Integrated data analytics-simulation framework for proactive assessment of safety performance.

Estacio Pereira, Sanguk Han and Simaan Abourizk

#37 On-site mobile application for enhanced safety and quality.

Igal M. Shohet, Bhanu Tak, Massimiliano Luzi and Matty Revivi

#185 BIM4LIFE: GNSS and BIM data fusion for mapping human-machine interaction.

Olga Golovina and Jochen Teizer
02:00 PM
9 | PPM - Scheduling

#223 Pattern-based generation of 4D-schedules for robust construction management.

Juergen Melzner, Jochen Hanff and Jochen Teizer

#228 Building information modelling as a cost control tool for critical chain construction project management.

Stylianos Karatzas and Athanasios Chassiakos

#260 Predicting highway projects actual duration using neural networks.

Euthimios Glymis, Athanasios Kanelakis, Georgios Aretoulis and Theodoros Mastoras
03:15 PM
12 | DA - Inspection / Point cloud

#141 Development of an urban as-built model: The case study of Aberdeen.

Marianthi Leon, Richard Laing, Jake Loveday, David McClean and Sandy Beattie

#335 Detection of construction equipment using deep convolutional networks.

Hongjo Kim, Hyoungkwan Kim, Yong Won Hong and Hyeran Byun

#312 Investigation of terrestrial laser scanning reflectance intensity and RGB distributions to assist construction material identification.

Muhammad Usman Hassan, Asli Akcamete and Cagla Meral
09:30 AM
Plenary Session 2
10:45 AM
13 | Highlight Papers

#161 The critical role of accessible data for BIM-based automated rule checking systems.

Wawan Solihin, Johannes Dimyadi, Yong-Cheol Lee, Charles Eastman and Robert Amor

#237 Development of a BIM adoption impact map.

Ury Gurevich and Rafael Sacks
12:00 PM
16 | SE

#251 Towards systems integration theory in megaprojects: A system-of-systems framework.

Jin Zhu, Ali Mostafavi and Jennifer Whyte

#296 Applying system and requirement engineering for information modeling in infrastructure projects.

Charles-Edouard Tolmer and Christophe Castaing

#330 Ontology- and freeware-based platform for rapid development of BIM applications with reasoning support.

Zhiliang Ma and Zhe Liu
02:00 PM
European Council on Computing in Construction Meeting

EC3 European Council of Computing in Construction Meeting

The objective of this meeting is to highlight the merits of establishing a European-wide, research-focused community of academics and practitioners with interest in improving the construction industry through computer science. The JC3 organizers will start the meeting with a presentation on a) the motivation for this initiative stemming from their research and conclusions on the current state of affairs in this area for Europe, b) a proposal of EC3, and how it should be structured to fill a unique and non-overlapping role in the European and worldwide academic community. This will be followed by a short Q&A.

The presentation material will be made publicly available online after the meeting, alongside a short questionnaire to provide feedback. All meeting participants are asked to electronically fill in and submit the questionnaire within 10 days. Your feedback will determine whether this proposal continues forward and the shape/form it will take.

This meeting is open to all LC3 participants.

10:45 AM
14 | DA - Safety / Equipment

#198 Vision-based detection of falls at flat level surfaces.

Bingfei Zhang and Zhenhua Zhu

#207 Automatic monitoring of operating equipment efficiency for air pollutant emission estimation.

Xiaoning Ren, Zhenhua Zhu and Zhi Chen
12:00 PM
32 | DA (Point cloud) / AR

#20 Recursive segmentation for as-is bridge information modelling

Ruodan Lu and Ioannis Brilakis

#329 Asphalt road layer detection for construction progress monitoring.

Steven Vick and Ioannis Brilakis

#152 UrbanPlanAR: BIM mobile visualisation in urban environments with occlusion-aware augmented reality.

Ludovico Carozza, Enrique Valero, Frédéric Bosché, George Banfill, Rufus Mall and Minh Nguyen
10:45 AM
15 | ITS/SE

#60 Predictive risk modeling of differential bridge settlement.

Jiwen Zhang, Tim Taylor, Roy Sturgill, Gabe Dadi and Nikiforos Stamatiadis

#180 Low-cost fleet management solutions in the framework of emerging markets.

Dimitra Chondrogianni, Christos Gioldasis and Yorgos Stephanedes

#233 Resilience assessment of interdependent critical infrastructure systems.

Quan Mao and Nan Li
12:00 PM

#44 Building model object classification for semantic enrichment using geometric features and pairwise spatial relationships.

Ling Ma, Rafael Sacks and Uri Kattel

#164 SMARTCON, self-maintaining and rejuvenating constructions.

Danijel Rebolj, Riko Šafarič, Andrej Šorgo and Nenad Čuš Babič

#314 Towards a taxonomy of cyber-physical system applications in construction.

Nazila Roofigari-Esfahan and Chimay Anumba
09:30 AM
Plenary Session 3
10:45 AM
19 | Highlight Papers

#249 Minimising misclassifications of over-height vehicles due to wind.

Bella Nguyen and Ioannis Brilakis

#313 Information technologies and information requirements: a BIMbased approach.

Silvia Mastrolembo Ventura, Nicolas Ziv and Developing an Open Access BIM objects library: A Hong Kong Angelo Ciribini
12:00 PM
22 | PPM - BIM Adoption

#78 Dialogue types for collaborative design: A front-end BIM application.

Marianthi Leon and Alice Toniolo

#103 A conceptual model for investigating BIM adoption by organisations.

Ahmed Ahmed, John Kawalek and Mohamad Kassem

#309 A review on capability and maturity models of building information modelling.

Gokcen Yilmaz, Asli Akcamete Gungor and Onur Demirors
02:00 PM
25 | PPM - Semantics

#279 A platform for automated technical building management services using ontology.

Georg Ferdinand Schneider, Yashar Kalantari, Georgios D. Kontes, Gunnar Grün and Simone Steiger

#318 Linked data for cross-domain constraint information sharing in LNG construction.

Jun Wang, Wenchi Shou, Peng Wu and Xiangyu Wang

#323 A platform for enriching BIM representation through semantic web technologies.

Davide Simeone and Stefano Cursi
03:15 PM
28 | PPM - Data Exchange

#25 Data management methods for a 3D product model in graph database.

Tsutomu Watanuki and Nobuyoshi Yabuki

#274 Automated IFC-based processes in the construction sector: A method for improving the information flow.

Claudio Mirarchi, Daniela Pasini, Alberto Pavan and Bruno Daniotti

#222 A BIM based collaboration platform for data transmitting in building design.

Zhuohua Huang and Aizhu Ren
04:30 PM
Closing Session & W78 Committee Meeting

# CIB W78 Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Forthcoming conferences
  3. Books/Journals
  4. CIB matters
    1. WBC interactions
    2. Work group outputs required
  5. W78 work programme
    1. IDDS
    2. Young researchers
    3. Industry engagement
    4. Women in Construction IT
    5. International surveys
    6. New work items?
  6. Web presence
  7. Any other business

This meeting is open to all attendees.

10:45 AM
20 | DA - Point cloud

#41 A case study on comparative analysis of 3D point clouds from UAV and terrestrial scanners for bridge condition assessment.

Varun Kasireddy and Burcu Akinci

#252 Development of 3D building models using multi-source data: A study of high-density urban area in Hong Kong.

Ke Chen, Fan Xue and Weisheng Lu

#165 Comparing feature matching algorithms for measuring in-plane strains on civil infrastructures..

Youyi Feng, Fei Dai and Jiaqing Zhao
12:00 PM
23 | DA - Procurement

#28 Pre-bid clarification for construction project risk identification using unstructured text data analysis.

Jeehee Lee, June-Seong Yi, Jeongwook Son and Ye-Eun Jang

#192 Construction delay and disruption claims assisted through BIM technology.

Ageliki Valavanoglou, Danijel Rebolj and Detlef Heck

#305 Structured evaluation of pre-construction cost alternatives with BIM and resource integrated simulation.

Gulsum Sevde Baltasi and Ragip Akbas
02:00 PM
26 | EMM/DA - FM

#144 Automating the creation of facility and energy management building information models.

Daniel Sobieraj, Brandon Bortoluzzi and J.J. McArthur

#284 A cloud-based platform for IFC file enrichment with second-level space boundary topology.

Georgios Nektarios Lilis, Kyriakos I. Katsigarakis, Georgios I. Giannakis and Dimitrios Rovas

#338 Developing a campus wide building information system based on open standards.

Andrea Buda, Tuomas Kinnunen, Bhargav Dave and Kary Främling
03:15 PM
29 | EMM

#181 From BIM models to integrated energy efficiency applications for industrial facilities.

Georgios Gourlis, Peter Smolek, Bernhard Heinzl, Ines Leobner and Iva Kovacic

#225 Integrating technologies for demand response in blocks of buildings - a UK case study.

Tracey Crosbie, John Broderick, Muneeb Dawood, Richard Charlesworth, Vladimir Vukovic, Michael Short and Nashwan Dawood

#265 Automation of geometry input for building code compliance check.

Ekaterina Petrova, Peter Lind Johansen, Rasmus Lund Jensen, Steffen Maagaard and Kjeld Svidt
10:45 AM
21 | PPM - Scheduling

#10 A comparison review of automated construction scheduling methods.

Maryam Montazer, Danijel Rebolj and Detlef Heck

#151 Using optimization to manage quarries in the recycling of construction and demolition waste.

Nadine Alzaghrini, F. Jordan Srour and Issam Srour

#320 Cloud based project management in the Greek construction industry: What is the distance to cover?

Yiannis Xenidis and Emmanouil Chiotakis
12:00 PM
21 | AR

#178 Use of augmented reality technology to enhance comprehension of steel structure construction..

Fopefoluwa Bademosi, Nathan Blinn and Raja R. A. Issa

#205 Towards people-cenred precedents for parametric design: The case of wayfinding in large-scale public buildings.

Vasiliki Kondyli, Mehul Bhatt and Timo Hartmann

#231 Comparison of marker-based and markerless AR: a case study of an indoor decoration system.

Jack Cheng, Keyu Chen and Weiwei Chen
02:00 PM
27 | VR - FM

#22 Can immersive virtual environments be used for understanding occupant-system interactions under thermal stimuli?.

Gokce Ozcelik, Burcin Becerik-Gerber, Ali Ghahramani and Yuchao Wang

#210 Impact of immersive and interactive information visualization on occupant’s lighting choices.

oao P. Carneiro and Burcin Becerik- Gerber

#285 Reality capture and visualisation of 3D oil & gas facility data for operations and decommissioning.

Joao Patacas, Huda Dawood and Nash Dawood
03:15 PM
30 | DA- FM

#143 Integrating visual analytics and machine learning into BIM-enabled facilities management..

Christopher Raghubar, Nima Shahbazi, Brandon Bortoluzzi, Aijun An and J.J. McArthur

#163 BIM big data system architecture for asset management: A conceptual framework.

Karim Ibrahim, Henry Abanda, Christos Vidalakis and Graham Wood

#201 Implementation of a preference monitoring application for office building occupants.

Yewande Abraham, Zhidan Zhao, Chimay Anumba and Somayeh Asadi